A list of the most effective remedies for psoriasis nails

If you are suffering from psoriasis, then with a probability of 80% you have damaged nails. Am I right? We will not investigate the cause of the disease, its symptoms, and immediately talk about how to treat nail psoriasis. It will be long and complex, but it is in your interests to fulfill all clearly following the recommendations below as soon as possible to introduce the disease into remission.

Nail psoriasis

Standard drug therapy

She is assigned depending on the severity of the disease, the clinical picture, the individual characteristics of the patient's body, and its tendency to recurrence of psoriasis, given the intolerance of some drugs.

In mild and moderate are appointed by means of a local nature:

  • Corticosteroid ointments/creams.
  • Dermato-tropic means, capable to slow down the formation and division of skin cells, which is the primary cause of psoriasis.
  • Medications with vitamin D3. They can be used to slow down cell division, which is affected by the disease. Ideally, you will combine the drugs with the ointment containing betamethasone.
  • Retinoids topical use.
  • 5-fluorouracil (solution). The bandage is soaked in the solution, falls under the bandage that is tied around the nail. The treatment will last up to six months.
  • To reinforce the action of all these medicines can lubricate the affected nails salicylic acid. It removes plaque, itching, will help to remove dead skin cells.

Sometimes it happens so that medication is not very effective, especially in advanced stage of disease. In this case, the patient is the systemic therapy.

Modern methods of treatment of nail psoriasis

Modern methods of treatment of nail psoriasis
  • To destroy the immature cells that eliminate symptoms of a disease, accept multi-channel antibodies.
  • To cure a running stage of the disease are used blockers necrosis.
  • You can also assign modifiers biological response. Substances of this drug will only affect those immune cells, whose functions had been violated.

Rules of home treatment

  1. Below your nail on the hands or feet were not completely surprised, to do therapeutic baths with herbs: sage, Xanthium, Bidens, calendula, chamomile.
  2. To reduce itching you need to take antihistamine.
  3. Conjunction with basic therapy should drink vitamins with a high content of calcium. So you can quickly deal with the problem and strengthen the affected nails. Also, you need vitamins B, C, d, E.
  4. To strengthen nails you can daily application of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, corn).
  5. It is important to follow a proper diet. About diet for psoriasis in detail in this article.
Physical therapy

Physical therapy

As a complex therapy sick appointed physiotherapy:

  • diathermy;
  • photo-chemo/photo therapy with UV lamps;
  • excimer laser treatment;
  • hemosorption;
  • plasmapheresis.

Folk remedies for psoriasis

You need to get (or buy at pharmacies) herbs and mix them in the following proportions: the root of couch grass (2 parts), dandelion root (4 parts), root cyanosis (2 parts), leaves of the walnut (4 pieces), berries of rose hips (4 parts), grass of Portulaca (part 1).

Then take 2 tablespoons of this mixture, cook in a water bath (200 ml water) for 5 minutes, then leave for 30 minutes. Take the infusion internally three times a day 2 tablespoons. Can also make this composition baths and compresses for nails.

Here's you some effective recipes against disease:

  • Cook oil eggs: boil 5 eggs hard boiled, then you need to get the yolks, finely chop, fry them in a pan without oil for about 40 minutes. Further, from the composition to squeeze the oil (it is better to take the gauze). This oil is necessary every day to treat the infected nail.
  • You can help a decoction of Bay leaf. Take 20 Bay leaves, cook in a saucepan 15 minutes. Take this decoction three times a day, 3 large spoons no more than a week. Then take a break for 3 days and then continue to drink a decoction a week.
  • Try also lotions from the following mixture: 2 tbsp oat flour, corn starch, 500 ml of water. All this is mixed and applied to the diseased nail.
  • Excellent in the treatment of psoriasis proved to grease. Take technical grease with a usual children's cream, melted visceral fat. Strictly follow the proportion of 10:1:10 and apply this mixture a month before you go to bed.
  • There is another rather aggressive means: 100 grams of copper sulfate 1 liter of water and 3 g of potassium permanganate. Treat your nails every day for 7 days. After taking a break for 5 days and again repeat the procedure. Remember, this method can be painful, but according to the reviews of patients, the nails are cleansed from the disease very quickly.

Mandatory diet

To get rid of psoriasis of the nails is impossible without the observance of proper diet. Most importantly, you need to give up alcoholic drinks and Smoking, smoked, fried, salty, fatty, sweet, flour, citrus.

Also you can't eat nightshade vegetables - peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant; exclude strong tea, coffee, soda.

The most optimal variant of power - 70% alkaline foods and 30% acidic and compulsory drink 2 liters a day. Don't forget cereals, cooked in water, lean fish and meat, sweet fruit, eggs, vegetables, herbs.

How to treat nail psoriasis in children

Children most of the above means is contraindicated. All treatment should only choose a doctor depending on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the child. Parents should provide the child with:

  • the correct diet;
  • an established daily routine;
  • to avoid any stressful situations.

It is also important to avoid overheating, hypothermia. And don't forget to instill in your child a love of the sport.

Useful tips

They will help alleviate your condition and to get rid of the symptoms of the disease:

  • Exercise, strengthen your immune system;
  • Try to avoid cuts, wounds, skin damage that can lead to the activation of psoriasis;
  • Necessarily care for nails and hands. Not that they were dry. To do this, use moisturizers and oils.
  • You can't use ordinary nail Polish. It needs to be only therapeutic;
  • Cleaning the apartment should be done only with gloves;
  • Keeping fingernails short, avoid galling the Burr;
  • Do not get a manicure in the untested salons.

This ends the narrative. Be healthy!