How to cure psoriasis at home

All patients are interested in how to cure psoriasis at home because the disease is difficult to treat quickly and forever, and to fight it will have for a long time. This can be done folk remedies – it's cheap and very convenient way to help patients suffering from psoriasis.


How to cure psoriasis

To cure psoriasis at home fast is a reality, but to achieve results it is necessary to observe the basic principles of successful therapy. To this end, doctors advise patients to adhere to the following rules:

  • always use the recommended drugs, not to increase and not to reduce the dose, and not to replace the drugs by other means. To cure psoriasis of the hairy part of the head with special shampoos and liquids for topical treatment of the skin;
  • when mild symptoms of the disease can be used remedies based on herbal ingredients – natural oils, tinctures of medicinal herbs;
  • to cure psoriasis at home, compulsory admission moisturizers, which have the ability to maintain the needed moisture of the skin and protect it from drying out. To achieve good and quick results it is recommended to use vitamin remedy;
  • after treatment with creams to remove skin surface crusts, which are separated. Good ointment for the treatment of preparations with grease, ointments with vitamin D, tar, ointment of salicylic acid, zinc ointment;
  • to implement the recommendations on sunbathing, not to be in the sun longer than the recommended time. The doctor can include a Solarium;
  • therapy should be intermittent, allowing the body to adapt to the medication.

Psoriasis treatment involves use of the whole complex of therapeutic techniques. If the patient is cured the psoriasis, the priority task is to control the period of remission, prevention of relapse. Include antihistamines and medicines that suppress allergic reactions by blocking the release of histamine.

Extremely important is proper nutrition. Diet has helped to cure psoriasis at an early stage many patients. Doctor for the patients will be recommended diet and table products for psoriasis – if the right diet, the relapse will be much less. In recurrent disease should immediately consult a doctor may need to change drug or modify regimen.

How to cure psoriasis forever

How to cure psoriasis forever

To cure psoriasis at home forever, you need to follow the doctor's recommendations and apply the complex methods of treatment of the disease. Treatment involves many-step assistance to patients with psoriasis. Even long-standing psoriasis can be cured quite effectively under the condition of implementation of all recommendations. A universal prescription for such therapy is not found, since each patient reacts differently to the use of certain drugs. For example, for some patients the high efficiency is the hydrogen peroxide from psoriasis, and for others it is completely ineffective and does not bring improvements.

Can you cure psoriasis at home if you follow the continuity of treatment and meaningful to pass each stage. Treatment of psoriasis includes the following steps:

  1. To get rid of the lesions with local therapy. It includes first and foremost agents in the form of creams, gels, ointments and lotions, and liquid applications.
  2. In the second stage, when it will be removed severe local symptoms, will help to cope with the disease and achieve remission procedure of irradiation. It is performed in a medical facility under the supervision of a physician-physiotherapist. The time of exposure is strictly regulated depending on the state of the skin of the patient, stage of the disease.
  3. Regenerative therapy, which involves the activation of protective forces of organism, increase its ability to recover. This is important because many medicines for psoriasis have a immunosuppressive activity, t.. Zn. unable to suppress their immune system of the patient. Against this background, people often get sick with colds, exacerbations of chronic diseases. This therapy will help to avoid such complications.

In therapy of the disease include not only narrowly targeted drugs against psoriasis, but also additional funds. Additionally, use products based on bee products and oil.


How to cure psoriasis folk remedies

Cure psoriasis folk remedies is not difficult, if it is correct to connect these items to prescribed therapy. At the stage of lasting effect from the drugs can and do refuse, leaving only traditional recipes. Patients, who have managed to cure psoriasis, reviews give different, but most of them confirm the effectiveness of folk methods.

Thanks to popular methods, it is possible not only to remove the aggravation, but also to extend the period of remission. Cure psoriasis folk ways you can use drugs on the basis of tar. In these medicines used birch tar, which has many useful properties. Forum patients with psoriasis has a lot of positive feedback on this treatment. Also on the forum often discuss folk remedy for psoriasis on the head, for example, effective method of treatment of psoriasis with grease.

Cure psoriasis on hands copper sulfate can, mixed it in equal proportions with sulphur, grass celandine and birch tar. Three times more need of pork fat that melt and mix with the remaining ingredients. Some patients try baking soda to cure psoriasis as it neutralizes the acidity. This recipe, however, does not help everyone. Cure psoriasis forever folk remedies you can, if you include them in every step of therapy and to monitor their effect.