Causes of psoriasis

The causes of psoriasis remain unknown. There are several assumptions, but none of them accurately explains the nature of the appearance on the skin of psoriatic plaques nature. Psychosomatic causes are the subject of a separate article, now we will explain frequently cited by physicians, but unproven scientific factors.

The causes of the disease

The causes of the disease

There are a number of factors that can cause the appearance of unpleasant symptoms both men and women. There are several varieties of the disease.

Psoriasis can occur for the following reasons:

  1. Genetic predisposition.
  2. The presence of comorbidities.
  3. An improper diet.
  4. The use of alcohol.
  5. Medications.
  6. Damage to the skin.

Where it psoriasis is difficult to say, to provoke the appearance of the disease can severe stress or nervous shock. In this case, the treatment of the disease is based on taking a sedative nature. The symptoms of psoriasis removed using softening creams and ointments.

In 40% of cases plaques appear on the skin after a severe stress. In addition, nervousness leads to exacerbation of the disease and the strengthening of its manifestations.

Causes of psoriasis associated with genetic predisposition, observed in 65% of patients. In this case, the symptoms manifest in patients at an early age to 25 years. Appear plaque in the hair of the head, elbows and on the back of the knees. Simple psoriasis called vulgar, this type of disease affects the bones and rarely goes to the nail plate.

Metaphysical causes: improper diet and alcohol use. Some doctors argue that drinking alcoholic beverages can lead to worsening of the disease. Treatment in this case based on diet and non-alcoholic beverages such as beer and spirits.

Medications may cause allergic reactions. Psoriasis is amid the first signs of Allergy and characterizes itself similar symptoms. But also itching and rashes in patients, there is peeling of the skin.

Diagnostic methods

Metaphysical causes of disease can be associated with damage to the skin. It means to appear on the skin plaques can lead burn, an injury, a scratch or strong scratch.

In women, the disease may develop on the background of low immunity during pregnancy.

If the disease is diagnosed in adults older than 40 years, it rarely affects the skin often the disease will reveal bone tissue and leads to the development of arthritis.

Diagnostic methods

Studying photos of people with psoriasis can be noticed that the disease has some similarities with allergic eczema or dermatitis, particularly is often confused with seborrheic dermatitis. Therefore, self-diagnose the disease difficult. Need expert advice.

If concerned about symptoms, the first thing is to consult a doctor. Treatment of psoriasis deals:

  • dermatologist;
  • the allergist;
  • rheumatologist.

The dermatologist puts the patient the diagnosis if the disease appeared on the background of allergic reactions should consult a allergist.

In that case, if the disease occurs with a lesion of joints treatment is carried out under the supervision of a rheumatologist.

Metaphysical causes of disease can be associated with the activity of the human immune system. To treat such pathology will need to consult the endocrinologist and immunologist.

In adults, the disease develops quickly, it causes damage to tissues joints and the diagnosis should always consult a rheumatologist who will prescribe a series of examinations:

  • radiography;
  • MRI of the joint;
  • A study using puncture of the joint capsule.

If the disease manifests itself at a young age, and (or) affects not only the skin will be enough to do a skin biopsy for an accurate diagnosis to the patient.


The main signs

The symptoms of psoriasis are pronounced, they include:

  1. Severe itching of the skin.
  2. Peeling of the skin.
  3. Dryness of the skin.
  4. Irritation, redness and the appearance of lesions.

Symptoms develop rapidly, the person experiences severe discomfort, itching so severe that it prevents sleep. Over time, the skin appears unpleasant Shine. Plaques begin to merge together, forming large areas of skin lesions.

Metaphysical causes of psoriasis may be associated with exposure to the cold. Cold dries the skin and increases sensitivity.

If the first signs of disease appeared on the head, itching and flaking of the skin can lead to hair loss and partial baldness.

Symptoms are rapidly progressing, and in the absence of adequate treatment the psoriasis can lead to serious complications.

Patients experience the following symptoms:

  • the fragility and brittleness of the nail plate;
  • change the color of the nail.
  • the deterioration of mobility of limbs;
  • pain in the joints.

In the photo people with psoriasis often hide the hands, neck and chest area. The skin in these areas is very delicate and the first symptoms of the disease appear on these sites.

Scientists managed to establish that psoriasis is not transmitted from person to person. Therefore, being infected by a patient with psoriasis impossible.

Recommended therapy

Treatments for psoriasis have several varieties, applies the following therapy:

  1. The medication of a sedative nature.
  2. Drugs tonic action.
  3. Means antihistamine character.
  4. Drugs local action.
  5. Vitamins and Immunostimulants.

The causes of psoriasis are different they can be metaphysical (that is scientifically unfounded), but depending on factors the doctor picks up patient's treatment.

In most cases, therapy is comprehensive. It is aimed at the General strengthening of the organism and the structure of the unpleasant signs of the disease.

Medication is prescribed by a doctor, he diagnoses and makes necessary appointments. In addition to drugs use and physiotherapy treatments. One of the methods which is phototherapy.

Advantages of treatment using the photo-beams:

  • helps to restore skin;
  • to remove the peeling;
  • eliminate redness and irritation.

It is also necessary to regularly use products that are soothing and anti-inflammatory action. They will help to remove the feeling of tightness and soften the main manifestations of the disease.

Therapeutic methods involve the administration of vitamins, and medications that strengthen the immune system. They accelerate the process of cell regeneration. Protect the body from harmful toxins and radicals.

Treatment has different methods, it includes the inner and outer impact – it enhances the effectiveness of the procedures conducted.

Some experts psoriasis as disruption of the immune system. Skin cells die faster than usual, causing the upper layer to peel off.

Recommended therapy

Possible forecast

Psoriasis is a disease that tends to relapse. Aggravation appears in the background of adverse factors. Therefore, therapy is to eliminate unpleasant symptoms, and treatment of the underlying cause of disease.

Completely cured of psoriasis is impossible, but when carrying out the necessary therapeutic procedures can prolong the period of remission. In some patients, signs of psoriasis do not appear for several years.

It is necessary to regularly take the medicines, monitor the condition of the skin and to minimize contact with possible allergens and aggressive chemicals.

Metaphysical causes of itching and flaking can be problems with the gastrointestinal tract (the gastrointestinal tract). If the body toxins and harmful substances, patients are advised to take drugs to cleanse the body.

Psoriasis treatment can last for a long time, so it is necessary at occurrence of first signs of disease as soon as possible to go to the doctor.