The initial stage of psoriasis: symptoms of the disease and treatment options

According to the observations of dermatologists psoriasis affects more and more people. He does not spare anyone - men, women, teenagers and babies. Many live in the dark, while the skin will occur catastrophic changes.

Photo of the starting stages of psoriasis

Unfortunately, complete cure of the disease impossible. But relief is possible if the time of disease recognition. It is therefore particularly important to understand how psoriasis at the initial stage.

Causes of psoriasis

There is still no consensus on what is the trigger of the disease. The researchers cite an extensive list of possible factors:

  • Heredity. If the parents are carriers, there is a high likelihood of transmitting the disease to the child.
  • Disorders in the immune system. Is reflected in the fact that it attacks healthy cells, mistaking them for pathology.
  • Infectious and inflammatory processes. Provokes the development of not only infection, but long-term use of medicines.
  • Endocrine disruptions. Companions of psoriasis may be diabetes, thyroid patient.
  • Frequent stress, obesity.

In the interests of the people who are at risk, know the symptoms of the initial stage of psoriasis.

Symptoms of psoriasis

The disease affects upper and lower limbs, head, torso, at least - armpits, groin. You can make this "portrait" of early psoriasis:

  • First, there is a pink-red papules with distinct borders. The skin is dry, there is moderate itching.
  • Further it is covered with white scales, a well extending from the epidermis.
  • After scraping a thin, shiny skin. In some cases that is fixed by the "bloody dew" - exude drops of blood.

Distinctive signs show pictures of psoriasis in the initial stage. Unlike allergic reactions, the scale of the disaster is much greater, swelling absent.


If you ignore the first signs, of psoriatic education will merge with each other. The disease will pass to the next stage.

The localization on the hands

One of the most severe forms of the lesions of the skin of fingers, palms and wrists. At first, the disease is easily confused with a fungus. Both are characterized by red rashes, flaking.

An important detail that distinguishes psoriatic case, is the scales (the"stearin stain"), beneath which lies a thin dermis ("terminal film").

Hands become inflamed, the skin becomes rough. In areas of active inflammation observed cracked corn. Some patients exfoliate the nail plate, the joints are deformed.

Appearing on the elbows

The elbow is often a widespread concentration of platelets. Inflammation are located symmetrically on both elbows. In the initial stages is actually fairly easy - the only thing that bothers redness and a single round of tumors. With the growth of there is thickening of the skin, there is discomfort, the desire to scratch.

Elbow psoriasis has a wavy character. Periods of exacerbation followed by a lull. The worse is in the winter, when it starts the active phase of the disease.

The defeat of the scalp

Consider another example, as can occur psoriasis the initial stage. We are talking about the scalp. It is noted that the localization becomes the forehead, ears, neck, back of the head.

The patient was constantly brushing plaque, therefore, there are multiple abrasions, scratches. In the wound is filled in with dirt, which causes inflammatory reactions. Further the formed silver scales, papules, are connected to beyond the hairline.

The treatment of psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis at the initial stage is the use of drugs. Depending on the individual characteristics may be prescribed various ointments:

Psoriasis on hands
  • tar;
  • Ichthyol;
  • salicylic.

They are applied 2-3 times a day externally in the form of compresses, bandages, swabs. With caution should be treated with hormonal preparations. They have a number of contraindications and side effects.

Physiotherapy psoriasis

An important point in the treatment of early psoriasis - physiotherapy. Their conduct in the period of remission. Among the applied methods - ultraviolet radiation, PUVA therapy, laser, magnetotherapy. All of them are painless, have a bactericidal effect do not have age restrictions. The specific method is determined by the expert.

People's councils in the treatment of psoriasis

Alternative medicine is rich with ideas for the treatment of the disease. Driven 2 popular recipe:

Vegetable tincture. Take a fresh celandine, peppermint, BlackBerry leaves and walnuts in the ratio of 2:1:3:1. Mix the ingredients, the Gulf Cup of boiling water. Put the infusion in a dark, cool place for 30 minutes Use morning and night.

Mask. Prepare a mixture of sea salt and clay in the ratio 1:1. Apply on the affected area, leaving the Remains of 30 min. rinse with warm water.

Psoriasis is a disease which can and should be regularly to fight. Remember that inaction leads to deterioration of appearance, pain syndrome, psychological problems.