The shampoo from psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that has the patient throughout life. Ways to get rid of the disease currently does not exist, however there are a number of means by which it is possible to reduce the symptoms of the disease and to achieve remission. One such tool is the shampoo from psoriasis on his head.

Psoriasis on the head

Education or scaly patches on the head of a person suffering from psoriasis, cause not only physical discomfort, pronounced itching, but also psychological trauma. Moreover, the convex spots of red and pink colors that appear on the head in exacerbation of the disease, contribute to the development of social phobia.

The article presents information on the causes and manifestations of the disease, and also what shampoos psoriasis scalp considered to be the most effective. In addition, you will be able to know how to choose a remedy and what properties it must possess.

The main causes of the manifestations of psoriasis

Causes symptoms of psoriasis can be both objective (external factors) and subjective (heredity).

Among the objective reasons include:

  • the manifestation of the disease as a result of mechanical impact on the skin;
  • the aggravation of the disease may be the consequence of interaction with chemicals, excessive use of detergents and cleaning agents;
  • the patient's profession, which involves direct contact with the acid, lacquers, solvents, paints and other chemicals;
  • diseases are more likely patients skin characterized by excessive dryness;
  • abrupt climate change;
  • the abuse of alcohol and drugs;
  • the presence of harmful habits, such as overeating and disturbance of the daily routine;
  • excessive exercise;
  • the cause of the symptoms of the disease can be the use of certain types of medications.

Symptoms of the disease

How to recognize the disease (symptoms):

  • peeling the skin of the head that at first can be confused with seborrhea;
  • the separation of the plaques from the skin of the head;
  • The shampoo from psoriasis
  • peeling of the skin, which leads to the formation of blood abrasions on the head;
  • continuous itching, however, to comb the affected areas is not recommended, it can cause aggravation of the disease.

Important! When the manifestation of the first symptoms of the disease, you should immediately contact the health facility for skilled care. Self-medication can lead to deterioration of health and exacerbation of disease.

Quite often patients are trying to cope with the disease with unconventional therapies, in particular traditional medicine. Herbal infusions and ointments do you use to treat psoriasis and achieve a positive effect, but only as subsidiary drugs. The focus of treatment should lie with traditional methods and recommendations of professionals.

What properties should have a shampoo from psoriasis of the head

While pills to treat the disease from inside the function from outside, in particular on the head, is the prerogative of ointments, medicated shampoos and gels. Now the drugs market is full of various drugs with promising effect, however, before choosing shampoo, you must pay attention to its properties and composition.

Shampoo should have the following properties:

  1. the presence of analgesic components;
  2. anti-fungal effects;
  3. anti-inflammatory effect.

There are several types of shampoo from psoriasis, which has the above properties:

  • tar;
  • antifungal, which contains ketoconazole;
  • treatment that contains salicylic acid;
  • children;
  • cosmetic.

Than recommended to wash your hair with psoriasis

Medicated shampoos

When psoriasis scalp a positive impact on the condition of the skin have medicinal shampoo, thanks to the presence in their composition of zinc, Ichthyol and salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid

The most effective shampoos for psoriasis

  1. With zinc and salicylic acid.
  2. In addition to salicylic acid and zinc in the shampoo composition include vitamins and natural plant extracts (burdock and chamomile). The shampoo provides a favorable care for the scalp, smells good and has a pleasant smell.

    Components shampoo, in particular salicylic acid, have antimicrobial qualities that help soften and exfoliate the platelets. Moreover, due to the presence of a therapeutic agent pyrrhotite zinc shampoo has antifungal effect on the scalp. Herbal extracts soothe the scalp at the same time energizing it with nutrients that promote healing blood abrasions, tone and destroy harmful microorganisms.

  3. Shampoo with zinc.
  4. The basis of preparation is the pyrithione zinc. Use shampoo reduces flaking, prevents dandruff. The components of the shampoo effectively combats itching and irritation, promote hair growth and improve their structure, accelerate the implementation of regenerative processes.

  5. Shampoo with allantoin and zinc.

Contains active components, in particular allantoin, zinc pyrithione. Relieves irritation, itching, expressed, regulates the process of sebum, regenerates the skin and accelerates its regeneration, prevents flaking of the skin, nourishes and softens the scalp, accelerates the healing of bruises.

Tar shampoo from psoriasis

Funds on the basis of tar soften the scalp and inhibit the formation of psoriatic components.

Important! Before you purchase a shampoo with tar, you should consult with a specialist to the components of the drug has not had a negative impact on the skin of the head of the patient and his health in General.

Gentle (baby) shampoo from psoriasis

Unlike the main types of shampoos psoriasis vs, kids do not contain harmful substances, in particular dyes, fragrances and other chemical elements, the effects of which may adversely affect the health of the patient.

Properties of baby shampoo:

  1. the lack of hazardous chemicals;
  2. the presence of exclusively natural ingredients;
  3. hypoallergenic in nature.

Baby shampoos nourish baby's skin with nutrients, moisturize and prevent peeling.

Cosmetic shampoos

Cosmetic preparations to soften the skin, have a rejuvenating and regenerative effect, a beneficial effect on the health of the patient as a whole.


The facial wash is recommended to use special Soaps designed for use by patients with psoriasis. It can be:

  1. sulsenovoe or sulfur, soap;
  2. soap with citrus additives, made in Germany;
  3. bath soap;
  4. soap that contains extracts of calendula and goat milk production in Austria.

The use of therapeutic shampoos from psoriasis is not recommended for a long time. Remember that the shampoo for psoriasis is a complementary tool to combat the disease, therefore, it is used along with other traditional medicine. The use of the described drugs do not give an absolute guarantee of cure, it only helps to reduce symptoms and achieve remission.