Photo of psoriasis: causes, symptoms and treatment

Photos of psoriasis clearly show how unpleasant the disease. Causes of disease are mainly genetic. The symptoms red spots all over body or on some parts.

photo stages of psoriasis

Psoriasis: photos of initial stage

Different types of psoriasis starts in different ways. The disease begins with pink or red spots which then grow, covered with silvery dry scales.

Consider the photo, looks like psoriasis on different parts of the body.

4 causes of psoriasis

The origin of the disease is not fully understood by scientists, research on this topic is still going on. As the search for effective treatments. There are 4 main causes of psoriasis:

  1. Genetic predisposition
  2. Infringements of work of immune, endocrine and nervous systems.
  3. Bad ecology.
  4. Damage to the skin.

Genetics is in the first place. Usually, a combination of genetic predisposition and other causes leads to psoriasis. Dermatologists also secrete factors that trigger the disease:

  • streptococcal infections;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • certain medications, which include interferon, oral contraceptives, lithium salts, etc.;
  • stress and nervous tension.

Psoriasis on the body (photo)

photo of psoriasis on the body

The disease affects almost all parts of the body and manifests itself in different ways.

The treatment of psoriasis

Dermatologists and scientists admit that psoriasis is one disease that you need to carefully study and seek new effective methods of treatment.

Among the methods of treatment give the following result.

Therapy with ultraviolet light of 311 nm

The method 311 nm safe, has no contraindications and is used around the world since 60-ies of the last century. Suitable for the treatment of psoriasis in pregnant women and children from 3 years.

Therapy this method uses light with wavelength of 311 nm. Spots of psoriasis you need to Shine from a few minutes to a few hours. The sessions conducted through the day.

Gives results in the treatment of vulgar (common), seborrheic psoriasis, as well as on the palms, feet and hair. Of the 100 patients from the disease rid 97.

PUVA therapy

The method has many contraindications and side effects. Can not be used by pregnant and nursing mothers. In addition, the patient must undergo a full examination for concomitant disease.

Treatment by this method takes place in two stages. First, the patient is given a drug (which increases the susceptibility to UV rays), and then irradiated in a special cabin with long-wave ultraviolet light.

Research say about the effectiveness of the method (90-97%). However, it is not suited to everyone and sometimes even dangerous to health if used incorrectly.

Ointments and shampoos from psoriasis

Ointments and shampoos are not always safe for the treatment of psoriasis. Some have contraindications and side effects, especially drugs with the content of hormones — glucocorticoids.

Ointments give results in the treatment of vulgar (normal), Palmar-plantar psoriasis. Shampoos used for therapy of seborrheic psoriasis and psoriasis on the head, scalp. Often after the drug, the disease returned with renewed vigor.

Pills psoriasis

psoriasis meds

Tablets for the treatment of psoriasis have contraindications and side effects. They are assigned only to physicians, and require precise execution instructions.

Used in all forms of psoriasis, including severe and neglected disease. Give the result in the complex therapytogether with outer means.

Folk remedies against psoriasis

Treatment of folk remedies at home is safe, has no contraindications and side effects (when used correctly means).

Use external and internal therapy comprehensively. Inside are decoctions, tinctures, medicinal plants, vitamin fees. External resources — ointments (with grease) cooking, baths, ointments juice of plants.

Folk remedies used in the treatment of all types of psoriasis. The result appears after a month (minimum) of continuous treatment.


Psoriasis — a systemic disease of the body. Affects immune, endocrine, nervous system.

The disease begins with a slight pink or reddish spots, which then grow and interconnect. Among the symptoms: thickening of the nail plate, General malaise.

Causes of psoriasis:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • disorders of the body systems;
  • spots in the skin damage;
  • adverse conditions in the external environment.

Scientists are conducting studies of psoriasis and are looking for new effective methods of its treatment.

Ultraviolet light of 311 nm is one of the most effective methods (97 patients out of 100 get rid of psoriasis) treatment. Has no contraindications and can be used for the treatment of children from 3 years.

PUVA therapy is also effective (result in 90-97% of cases). However, it is not for everyone and has many side effects. Treated by this method only in clinics.

shampoos for psoriasis

Ointments and shampoos give only a temporary result during the application. Hormonal external tools can be dangerousfailure to comply with instructions.

Tablets of psoriasis are used in combination therapy, together with outer means. Clearly follow the instructions for use of the drug.

Traditional methods safe (because of its natural ingredients) and give the result. The main thing — to choose the right combination of external and internal external means for the successful treatment of psoriasis.