Psoriasis on hands pictures, disease, description of its development and methods of treatment

Psoriasis refers to skin diseases. Nature of occurrence has not been fully elucidated. If contact is not transmitted. Found at all, even the toddlers.

Take extensive form. Affects all parts of the body. The disease is accompanied by itching and scratching. Found on the arms. Very much like the appearance and causes discomfort.

psoriasis on hands

Causes of psoriasis

First formed plaques in places of flexion. The skin takes on a reddish color. The centers are unevenly distributed, have rough edges, can merge. The causes of psoriasis on the hands often serve as poor diet, hormonal disruptions, psychological overload, disorders of the internal organs, heredity, use of chemical agents in cleaning and washing dishes.

The symptoms of psoriasis

In violation of the skin lesion occurs between the toes can affect the whole hand. Possible swelling of the limbs. Arises pain, which can affect joint mobility. Accompanied by itching and scratching.

The skin's appearance resembles eczema. It becomes dry, cracks appear. Infection. Required doctor's consultation and complex treatment.

Forms of psoriasis

In development the disease can take several forms.

A simple form is characterized by the appearance of plaques. Without treatment, small red patches merge and capture a wide surface. It affects the fingers, palms and hands.

Spotted psoriasis is a variation of the teardrop. Rashes have a deep red color with a bluish tint. May occur after the transfer of infectious diseases. More common in this form of women.

Exudative or has a rash with a filling liquid. They are commonly affected by bacteria when skin trauma and can rot. Are allergenic in nature, arise when the methods of certain types of drugs.

Psoriasis on the palms occurs in people who perform heavy physical work. He has the appearance of calluses on the skin and also roughness.

Nail psoriasis affects the nail plate. They lose their shape, to break. Changes the color of the nail. It is stratified and thickens.

Psoriasis, which contributes to arthritis. Severe form, which affects the joints of the hands.

All forms are very painful. The skin becomes rough. Due to irritation and itching disturbed sleep. In the winter, exacerbated by low temperatures. Often the disease appears on other parts of the body.

Stage of development of psoriasis

There are four stages of the disease. In the initial period, a small rash, peeling of minor. The disease affects the skin between the toes.

In the second stage, it progresses to a new redness. The third stage of the disease marked by the appearance of blue limbs.

The last stage is characterized by the termination of the peeling and inflammation. In the treatment the skin regains its original color.

The treatment of psoriasis

How to treat psoriasis on the hands? It is necessary to consult a professional doctor who will make a diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment. Treatment is aimed at eliminating the causes. What medicines and better cures psoriasis on the hands?

Dry skin is removed different moisturizers. Drink antihistamine drugs, which relieve itching.

Normalize the stomach and intestines with the help of sorbents. Useful homeopathic medicines.

Use various ointments on the basis of sulfur and salicylic acid. To soothe drink motherwort and Valerian solution. When lack of sleep is prescribed sedative medication.

the symptoms and treatment of psoriasis

Pay attention to mental state. Clean up the consequences with the help of special therapy. Ease the pain with painkillers.

In the period of exacerbation should be possible to exclude alcohol and tobacco. The diet should contain fresh vegetables and fruit, cereals, cheese, yogurt. Excluded smoked, spicy and canned food.

Folk remedies

In the treatment with drugs need treatment folk remedies. They can help to achieve a positive result. Baths with sea salt, baking soda can clean the surface of plaques. Herbs celandine, succession, calendula, chamomile flowers, pine extract and Valerian will relieve swelling and redness.

Daily taking herbal teas and tinctures, which can include leaves, cranberries, Valerian, mint, calendula, chamomile. The affected areas on the hands is processed aloe juice, apply compresses.

Tar and sulphur ointments improves and disinfected. These properties of extract of juniper. These and other folk remedies are able to restore skin to a healthy appearance.


Psoriasis tends to return. Must follow the doctor's recommendations. Chemical products for dishwashing and cleaning to replace soda. To do the work, using gloves. Stick to your diet, avoid stress.

Moisturize the skin with special creams. See your doctor regularly. In winter protect hands from the cold and dryness of the skin. Taking regular vitamins and minerals, relaxation and more fresh air