Psoriasis on the body in adults: symptoms and treatment

Cases of psoriasis over the past fifteen years has increased significantly. The etiology of this disease to date are not fully understood.

Many scientific luminaries have linked the tendency of psoriatic bursts with:

psoriasis on the body
  • unfavorable environmental living conditions;
  • hereditary factor;
  • bad habits;
  • imperfect immunity;
  • autoimmune processes;
  • professional affiliation;
  • unstable psychological climate of the environment that provoke the constant stress and emotional outbursts.

Treated if psoriasis on your body?

Experts draw attention to the fact that psoriasis cannot be cured completely, this illness can only restrain with the help of medications and correction of lifestyle, to facilitate his life.

The defeat of the skin spreads very rapidly through the body, can be localized at any site and to deliver both physical and moral discomfort for the person. It can be as small papules and plaques, and a significant segment covered with eschar.

The success of therapeutic measures aimed at prolonging the periods of remission, depend on many factors:

  • the age category that applies to the patient;
  • forms of the disease;
  • the extent of damage of the epidermis;
  • the nature of the exacerbations between the seasons;
  • related pathological diseases.

Forms of the disease

Psoriasis on the body is not only an indicator of the problem of the external condition of the skin, but also suggests that occur inside the body as negative, damaging blood vessels, bones, nerves.

Insidious psoriasis (see photo) on the body depending on the severity of the leak can affect:

  • the genital area, the folds and flexor surfaces of the extremities pustular ringworm;
  • the scalp, in the elbow and knee joints, the front side of the palms, the nail plate is vulgar zoster;
  • back, chest, neck, buttocks, thighs – guttate ringworm;
  • folds under the breast glands, inguinal folds, armpits – intertriginous zoster;
  • inside of your palms and foot – hand-foot ringworm.

Psoriasis is a chronic disease that requires competent treatment. Lack of it is fraught with serious complications – psoriatic erythroderma, psoriatic arthritis.

How to treat psoriasis on the body?

how to treat psoriasis on body

Lichen non-infectious origin treated comprehensively. It should be noted that the assigned treatment is individual.

The success of the purification of the skin of unsightly structures with scales of pustules, plaques, papules – depends not only on the use of certain drugs, but also from such factors as:

  • proper nutrition – a diet increases the chances of recovery are 30%;
  • correction of a mode of work and rest – proper sleep helps to improve metabolic processes in the body;
  • the development of the stress – calm response to what is happening around destabilizie functions of the Central nervous system;
  • enriching the body with vitamins and minerals – the elimination of beriberi, especially in the inter-seasonal periods, contribute to the regeneration of the skin;
  • climate change – sea air helps to improve the condition of the patient with psoriasis, and in tandem with saline procedures establishes a positive dynamic of relief.

Comprehensive drug therapy

A standard Protocol for the treatment of psoriasis on the body in adults, applicable to professionals in practice implies several stages:

  • examination of the patient and confirmation of the diagnosis of psoriasis;
  • identification of comorbidities, study them for possible reasons for the start of the autoimmune process in the patient;
  • the appointment of sedative drugs, which normalize the nervous system;
  • the drug prescription against psoriasis local and systemic application;
  • the passage of physiotherapy.

By assigning a patient from psoriasis on the body, a doctor comes from the complexity of the situation, which the picture of the disease. Not all products from a wide list of remedies for psoriasis can be applied at the initial stage of the disease, at the same time severe psoriasis is not curable weakly active drugs.

Self-treatment noninfectious lichen is unacceptable regardless of the place of formation of the lesion. The technician discovers the cause of the disease, influencing on which you can succeed in cleansing.

Prescriptions for psoriasis

The following list of medications is exploratory in nature. To him, in most cases, appeal dermatologists in order to help the patient cope with all the negative consequences of skin disease. Of these drugs specialists do not emit the best remedy for psoriasis on the body. Because the causes of non-infectious manifestations of depriving individual treatment for one patient will be effective, and another impotent.

Watching desired improvements, competent doctor to make adjustments in assignments. To find a drug that really helps to eliminate the external symptoms of psoriasis, it is possible only by means of regular tests.


Common psoriasis all over the body lends itself to effective treatment by combining drug therapy with physiotherapy such as:

  • phototherapy – the sun – stay in the sunlight, not more than 20 minutes;
  • laser radiation treatment of the affected areas of the skin with a laser;
  • photo treatment – skin treatment medium and long ultraviolet light;
  • cryotherapy is the effect on psoriatic lesions by cold;
  • hydrotherapy – water treatments with sea salts and aroma oils.

Physiotherapeutic procedures are performed under the supervision of a dermatologist. It is advisable to carry them out when detected psoriasis on the back and other hard-to-reach parts of the body.

folk remedies for the treatment of psoriasis

How to treat psoriasis on the body folk remedies?

Many suffer from psoriasis the people in finding the best methods of treatment of the disease with disappointing results of drug treatment resort to popular recipes. Of course, they can't cure this disease, but to alleviate the patient's condition, they are a force.

Qualities of an effective against psoriasis is endowed with:

  • birch tar;
  • soda;
  • copper sulphate;
  • healing herbs (chamomile, succession, nettle, oregano, burdock, mother-and-stepmother, calamus, elecampane, marshmallow, St. John's wort, celandine, yarrow);
  • propolis;
  • fish oil;
  • healing clay.

Of these components can be prepared:

  • ointments and lotions for the treatment of psoriatic plaques;
  • infusions for medicinal bathing;
  • homemade natural hypoallergenic soap;
  • infusions for compresses.

Herbs are used not only topically, but orally. So, for example, tea infusions of chamomile, oregano, St. John's wort and a series contribute to the normalization of the nervous system, eliminate irritability, and promote the oppression of itching and burning of the skin.

All of these funds have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing, anti-edematous properties. Many of these components are the components of homeopathic drugs intended for the treatment of psoriasis.

Natural products, Chinese manufacture


Many experts support the theory of treatment of psoriasis natural remedies. The use of the products of nature to avoid unnecessary stress on the body. Popular are currently the drugs of traditional Chinese medicine. Made remedies based on herbs grown in ecologically clean areas, which are characterized by mostly positive indicators of psoriasis treatment.

The use of such significantly reduces the number of relapses of lichen, helps to restore immune functions and normalization of the nervous and circulatory system.

In the treatment all good if they help! But to be treated independently from psoriasis is not recommended by any of them. Only agreed with the doctor procedure can guarantee the improvement of the condition of the patient. The doctor can suggest the correct tactics, to assess the appropriateness of the appointment of any medications, use of assistive devices.

Psoriasis is not treated for a few days, to achieve sustainable results it is necessary to work not only the doctor but to the patient, the mood of which 80% of success depends.