How to treat psoriasis

Treatment of psoriasis is severe, largely unresolved task. Etiologic treatment does not exist. For the successful treatment of psoriasis should be eliminate or reduce the factors contributing to its aggravation.

These include all comorbidities, foci of focal infection, neuro-conflict situation. For rational therapy requires exact diagnosis of the disease psoriasis.

How to treat psoriasis

First of all, before you treat psoriasis, you must know its component factors, such as the code of psoriasis according to ICD-10, the shape (type), stage and seasonality of the process. To treat psoriasis you should only after a thorough study of all factors as a whole.

Psoriasis symptoms and treatment

Treatment of psoriasis involves a complex of actions which consists of General (medical) therapy, physical therapy techniques, outer therapy and a number of measures aimed at prevention of relapse and medical labour examination with placement of patients.

General medical therapy contains a number of tools aimed at reducing psoriatic sensitization of the skin, to enhance the protective immune forces of organism, etc. these include, first of all, hyposensitizing agents used mainly in an advanced stage of the process.

Effective psoriasis treatment contains a treatment of thio-sulfate sodium in the form of a 15-25% solution of 5-10 ml injected (at the rate of 15 injections), and calcium gluconate intramuscularly (enough for 15 injections during the course of treatment).

Can be applied 10-15% solution of calcium chloride at a dose of 10 ml administered intravenously (in the course of treatment is 10 injections). In patients with severe neurogenic component, we recommend the use of bromine sodium at usual doses. To create a gentle treatment recommended minor tranquilizers.

The symptoms and treatment of psoriasis

In this the symptom of psoriasisas severe itching, the treatment can be recommended antihistamines in regular doses and hypnosuggestive therapy.

Also, in the treatment of psoriasisneed to follow a diet, exclude from the menu spicy dishes, condiments, coffee, alcohol, too much fatty food. Doctors recommended lacto-vegetarian diet in psoriasis. In some cases the progressive stage of psoriasis the therapy of cow's milk. An intramuscular injection of 5 ml of milk. Advancing the change in reactivity in some patients can stop the progression of the process, however, many patients this method of treatment of psoriasis can cause erythroderma that much limits its application.

How to cure psoriasis

There are many methods that describe how to cure psoriasis, but all have one common notion is the complexity of treatments, and use vitamins for psoriasis will not be superfluous.

At any stage of psoriasis wide application in the treatment of psoriasis found the b vitamins, vitamins a and E. Vitamins B1 and B6 are entered in the form of a 5-7% solution in/m at a dose of 1-1,3 ml daily or in succession (course of treatment 9 to 14 injections in total).

Vitamin B12 (nianokobalamin) is injected at 200-500 mcg (treatment in a quantity of 15 injections V/m). Vitamin a 100,000 units injected intramuscularly (daily, 15 injections will be enough).

Vitamin E is used for the treatment of psoriasis and introduces the/m at 1-2 ml; injections are performed through the day, when the course of treatment of 10-15 injections.

How to treat psoriasis

How to treat psoriasis

Every year there is something new in the treatment of psoriasis, however, the issue of how to treat psoriasis is not quenched.

A prominent place in the treatment of psoriasis in today's time is funds that represent no-liposaharidnye protein complexes of bacterial origin.

How to cure psoriasis forever

You need to remember that cure psoriasis forever, is an impossible task in modern medicine. Can only be cured complications of the disease symptoms psoriasis.

In the treatment of severe psoriasis a role currently played cytotoxic drugs.

At the moment, these modern methods of treatment of psoriasis are clinically tested and until it took its place in clinical practice. They are used to block the excess proliferation of keratocytes in the elements of psoriasis and reduce the immunological component of dermatosis, especially with arthropathic form of psoriasis.

A more commonly used drug for psoriasis that block DNA synthesis in the body and reduce the proliferation of cellular systems of the body, including the skin. There are various methods of methotrexate, however, the most practiced method of treatment of psoriasis with low doses of methotrexate, selectively acting on the Hyper-proliferation of skin cells.

The drug is used week cycles. Each cycle consists of 3 doses of the drug at 6 mg every 10 hours. This means the drug is limited to 30 hours per week. You can combine methotrexate with vitamins A and E, hystoglobulin and UVI (ultraviolet irradiation).

Due to the heterogeneity of the pharmacological action of cytotoxic drugs required weekly monitoring for leykopoeza, monitor the functional state of the liver, and at the slightest deviation from the original data beyond physiological norms, you should stop use of cytotoxic drugs. This class of drugs can be used in all stages of psoriasis.