How to cure psoriasis permanently at home fast

Psoriatic lesions belong to the complex pathological condition of the epidermis, that can not be cured. To get rid of psoriasis must undergo to diagnose the disease and determine the factors that provoke the progression of disease. Cure psoriasis permanently valid as a local drugs and common actions.

Psoriasis on hands

Why do I get psoriasis

Psoriasis often affects the knee-elbow area, the scalp under the hair. The progression of disease can wear undulatis character. Cure psoriasis forever is not possible, but it is possible to prevent the development of periods of active disease progression.

Often the disease develops on the scalp under the hair. This type of disease-prone teenage category. Sometimes there is a shift of rashes on the face. The recurrence of psoriasis on the head can be cured:

  • ointment of tar;
  • salicylic;
  • mustard mask;
  • drugs with grease;
  • shampoos.

The most active effect on psoriatic lesions has a cleanser for the hair. To correct the pathology using effective shampoos.

Psoriasis on the hands can be cured with vitamin complexes, namely vitamin A and E. Excellent therapeutic result are characterized by the medications.

Causes of exacerbation of psoriasis

Symptomatic manifestations of the disease are characterized by the severity and undulatis character. Explicit symptoms of the disease are:

  • the formation of plaques on the epidermis;
  • redness of lesions;
  • dryness and peeling;
  • periodic bleeding;
  • feeling scratching;
  • education excaudate.

To cure psoriasis rashes is impossible without addressing the precipitating factors of the progression of disease. The cause of psoriatic lesions are:

Psoriasis on the head
  • bad habits;
  • fatigue;
  • nervous strain;
  • an imbalanced diet;
  • hormonal surges.

Recurrence of the disease are observed in the influence of many causes on the human body:

  • the course of chronic infectious inflammation.
  • HIV infection;
  • mechanical or chemical trauma.

Psoriasis is not transmitted by contact however, the symptomatic manifestations of patients with psoriasis are forced to shun others. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly get rid of this pathology as psoriasis. To get rid of stains with the help of medications of local action. Cure psoriasis is only possible in an integrated therapy.

Overview effective ointments

To assist in getting rid of psoriasis can only be a qualified dermatologist. The attending doctor prescribes ointment the local actions that have anti-inflammatory properties. Very good at helping the use of hormonal medicines. To beat psoriasis you can use creams and ointments.

Cure psoriasis forever is not possible, but with properly chosen therapy achieved long-term remission of the disease. Attempt to self-treat psoriatic rash not only will not have the desired therapeutic effect, but can impair the development of dermatological diseases.

Drugs that are composed of salicylic component have positive effects on psoriatic symptoms:

  • reduce inflammation;
  • soak dried;
  • contribute to the regeneration of the epithelium;
  • cropped appending additional pathological microflora.
Salicylic ointment

Apply these drugs can not only psoriasis, but other skin problems:

  • seborrhea;
  • eczema;
  • corns;
  • blisters;
  • burns.

It is forbidden to use funds for large-scale lesions disease of the epidermis. Is assigned to the drug 1 time per day

Best pills and injections from psoriasis

On the efficiency of getting rid of psoriasis affected by additional features of the disease:

  • form of the progression;
  • stage pass;
  • the scale of the losses;
  • the gender of the patient;
  • age category;
  • associated pathological condition;
  • allergic reactions;
  • tolerability of drug therapy.

To clean or remove stains psoriasis help ointments and creams. Also to defeat psoriasis help medicines in the form of tablets and injections. To remove redness plaque structures quickly help medication.

These medicines to cure psoriasis, it is 5 days. The purpose of such drugs is carried out by the dermatologist and the treatment should be done under his constant supervision. To achieve a remission of psoriasis requires a holistic approach. It is the appointment of the following medicines:

  • the complex of vitamins;
  • hepatoprotectors;
  • fatty acids category of omega-3;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • sedative medications.
Pills and injections

Traditional methods of therapy

Using national methods to get rid of psoriasis forever is not possible. But to reduce the severity of symptoms with the least negative impact on the body will work. However, methods of home therapy must be in the complex treatment of dermatological diseases. Cure psoriasis at home is possible with the help of folk remedies:

  • grease;
  • soda;
  • based ointment of aloe and propolis;
  • baths with the addition of licorice;
  • activated carbon;
  • the celandine plant.

These methods of treatment applicable in mild stages of disease. With the progression of the disease, traditional medicine can be part of the therapy.

The tool with grease

Grease medical is one of the effective methods to get rid of psoriasis. It has a range of positive effects on psoriatic lesions:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • softens the surface of the epidermis;
  • promotes exfoliation.

Use of the drug in pure form, and to include this ingredient in homemade ointments

Psoriasis treatment baking soda

Packs of soda prepared against psoriasis or a component introduced into the bath. A compress is prepared in warm water, dissolving in a glass spoon of baking soda, soak in a solution towel or gauze and applied to the lesion. In tubs make about 100 g of the ingredient per 1 liter of water. Exposure should not exceed 15 minutes. The water temperature may not exceed 39 degrees.

Ointment aloe Vera and propolis

Ointment aloe Vera and propolis

To prepare a cream based on aloe Vera and propolis to 100 g of propolis and 2 art. L. aloe. Propolis is pre-shredded and can be cooked in a water bath. After easing the first ingredient in the mixture contribute aloe and mix. After cooling, the medication is applied to lesions. The course of treatment varies from 10 to 14 days.

Licorice for psoriasis

To get a cure for psoriasis you need to boil licorice in water bath. You need 2 tbsp of licorice pour 500 ml of boiling water. After insisting the solution is then heated in a water bath for a duration of 25 minutes. The prepared broth to drain. In psoriatic pathology is attended on average by ¼ Cup of licorice before meals.

Activated carbon

Component helps to eliminate toxins, stimulates the metabolism. Meds must be given the patient's weight, give 1 tablet per 40 kg body weight. The course consists of 30 days. To cure dermatological pathology, you can use the compress on the basis of activated carbon. For this it is necessary to pound in a powder state about 5 tablets of medication. Dissolve the powder in a spoon of water and apply to lesion. The resulting mixture should be applied on the affected and leave the compress on for 20 minutes.

Prevention and diet

Complete cure of the pathology impossible. Therapy aims to eliminate the symptomatic symptoms and achieve long-term remission. One of the principles of getting rid of psoriasis is a preventive of manipulation and adherence to dietary needs. The degree of sensitivity to the body is equal to the duration of remission of psoriatic lesions. To preventive recommendations:

  • warning the accession of infectious pathological microflora.
  • complete elimination of the negative impact of alcohol and tobacco;
  • a proper balanced diet, without excessive delight diet;
  • to reduce the impact of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, especially in spring and summer;
  • to distribute the mode of rest and work;
  • avoid excessive nervous tension;
  • take vitamins and minerals;
  • to exclude the absorption of high calorie food and sweets, limit pasta in the diet.

For more tips on skin care to prevent recurrence:

  • to moisten the epithelium;
  • care cosmetics must be hypoallergenic;
  • cover with psoriatic lesions allowed to soften and remove;
  • essential skin and stay, long-term treatment contributes to the depletion of the natural defences of the epidermis;
  • to maintain a healthy lifestyle;
  • annually to organize the holiday at the seaside;
  • preventive treatment of chronic pathological conditions.

To get rid of psoriasis completely impossible, but you can follow the rules of prevention and treatment for the onset of a long phase of remission of the disease. The disease belongs to the autoimmune category. These diseases cause rejection by the immune system's own cellular structures. The epidermis in psoriasis covered with flaky formations that are not only aesthetic discomfort but also drive people away.