The initial stage of psoriasis: pictures, symptoms and treatment

Many doctors believe that this is a consequence of the rising tension in the society and constant stress. Play a significant role in environmental pollution and poor nutrition from birth. These unfavorable factors and genetic predisposition result in the manifestation of the disease and the weighting of the flow.


It is very important to recognize the onset of the disease and consult a specialist. It depends on the success of the treatment and fate. Because with the progression of the disease and developed clinical picture changes drastically the patient's quality of life.

The most unpleasant side of this insidious disease is that the symptoms are clearly visible to others. Discovered skin changes in the form of scaly red spots that tend to merge. Flakes of peeling skin on the eyebrows and head hair dandruff, brittle deformed nails. All this is accompanied by itching and bleeding.

This is a partial list of suffering that causes the disease. The person becomes irritable, withdrawn, trying without much need not to go outside. People avoid psoriasis patients, fearing to be infected, although many people know that the disease is not dangerous to others. In addition to physical suffering are mixed and mental suffering of the patient.

The patient is in a state of long-term stress that aggravates the disease. Depression occurs due to the fact that psoriasis is quite difficult to be treated. The disease has a chronic relapsing course.

This means that at some point the symptoms subside, the skin is cleansed, but after some time may be worsening. Educated patients are well aware of this and try to take timely measures to prevent recurrence.

Early manifestations of the disease - the initial stage of psoriasis

Psoriasis is a genetically determined disease that is inherited from parents to children. If one parent is sick, it is a relatively favorably. If both parents, the disease is manifested quite early in childhood and takes quite seriously. It is therefore very important for parents to remember and observe the children. At first a strange rash on the skin should immediately consult a dermatologist.

The first signs in children can be papular rash on the skin of the upper and lower extremities. Favourite localization - the elbows, scalp. Papules is skin rashes, towering above the skin surface. Color - reddish pink, boundaries clear. Gradually, they may merge and form the items by type plaques.

The initial stage of psoriasis

Because of the hyperkeratosis characteristic of psoriasis, appear gray-yellow scales, which peel, exposing bleeding surface. Accession bacterial flora and inflammation leads to redness, swelling and itching.

The characteristics are called psoriatic triad. If available, it's safe to say that it psoriasis:

  1. If you scratch the plaque, the surface becomes white as a stearin. Flakes peel. This phenomenon is called "stearic macula";
  2. If you continue to scratch the plaque, then the scales will be red swollen surface, as if coated with film. This phenomenon of "thermal films";
  3. If damage to the thermal film, there will be a drop of blood. This symptom is called "red blood dew".

Psoriasis in children

In children who are prone to exudative manifestations, that is, the allocation of exudate - serous fluid, crusting become rough, thickened. The plots occupy a large surface. Very often the child has such a rash confused with atopic allergic manifestations.

Attempts to treat the traditional methods do not bring desired success. Therefore, in the long allergies, you need to consult an experienced dermatologist to verify the diagnosis. Only he can determine the disease and prescribe the correct and timely treatment.

Initial symptoms on hands

The appearance of spots on the hands tend to merge, scaling, and plaque is the reason for going to the doctor. The skin on the palms psoriasis are prone to keratosis - thickening, she starts to crack.

Application of creams does not give virtually no effect. The disease progresses and can involve the joints leading to their deformation, swelling and pain.

Nail psoriasis

With the defeat of the nail plate, it thickens, becomes deformed. The nails become brittle. In severe cases, it may be detachment of the nail plate. Very often psoriasis on nails confusing due to fungal infection. In the treatment of fungus the process is aggravated even more.

Psoriasis on elbows

Psoriasis on elbows

This is the most common localization. At first there were sporadic eruptions. Then they start to merge, appear flakes. Plaques increase in size, capturing new areas.

Psoriasis on the head

This is one of the most unpleasant varieties. First, there are small areas on the hairy part, which is almost not noticeable. Hair in this case does not suffer. But as the progression, plaque begins to spread. Sometimes affects the entire scalp.

Foci can be on the neck, face, forehead, eyebrows. The scales are shed, there is a strong itching. When combing cracks and inflammation. Can be lots of weeping on the face and head.

Psoriasis on the body and legs

Symptoms are the same as in other areas. Also appear the first unit cells, which gradually merge. Observed thickening and roughness of the skin, especially on the back.

Causes and recurrences are not clear. The main ones are hormonal and metabolic changes due to various precipitating factors.

Disease is autoimmune, that is in violation of the mechanism of the immune response when immune cells attack the skin, causing the disease. Relapses often occur in the cold season, after stressful situations.

How to treat psoriasis

Treatment of the disease is conducted under the guidance of an experienced physician, do not forget to come to the reception even at long-term remission. Self-medication is fraught with the worsening of the disease, the emergence of resistant forms. The earlier treatment is begun, the more favorable result can be obtained.

Psoriasis on the head

Treatment is complex and lengthy, with the use of drugs that the physician prescribes. In the initial stage is a gentle therapy without the use of "heavy artillery" - drugs and hormones.

In any case can not be treated with these drugs alone. Uncontrolled use leads to severe consequences and repugnant to the disease. Than to cure certain stage of psoriasis prescribed only by a doctor.

For a start, conducted a comprehensive examination of the patient on the subject of comorbidity, such as diabetes or thyroid disease. Occur metabolic disorders, hypovitaminosis, diseases of the digestive system.

The restoration of body functions greatly facilitates the course of the pathological process. For the relief of depression used antidepressants.

Local therapy includes the application of various ointments, gels, sprays. Ointments are made on the basis of tar and solidol, oil. Medications that moisturize the skin and reduce inflammation on the basis of the salicylates, are used as additional therapy.

Good effect gives physiotherapy and health resort therapy. The use of therapeutic baths, ultraviolet irradiation greatly facilitates the course of the disease.

Psoriasis on the nails

At home used decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs such as chamomile, celandine, succession, calendula, bow appliques.

For psoriasis scalp using special medicated shampoos, ointments. Hair comb should be very careful not to damage the skin.

No need to fall into despair and depression. When external troubles, psoriasis is not life-threatening at an early stage and responds very well to treatment. You have to believe in success and then everything will be OK.