Psoriasis treatment at home folk remedies

The pharmaceutical industry produces many products for combating psoriasis. But synthetic medications have a negative impact on the internal organs. So patients prefer to treat psoriasis at home folk remedies.

Psoriasis on elbows

Symptoms and causes of psoriatic plaques

The etiology of lichen scaly studied. There are many theories regarding the occurrence of psoriatic plaques.

Doctors the factors that trigger psoriasis:

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • Dry skin.
  • Strong emotional shocks.
  • Effect on the dermis solvents, household chemicals.
  • Excessive hygiene.
  • Hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause).
  • The use of some drugs.
  • Climate change.
  • Allergies.

Psoriasis are able to affect the scalp, face, hands, nails, elbows, chest, back. There are plantar, vulgar, teardrop type of the disease. Symptoms of lichen scaly skin:

  • the appearance of papules are pink or red, which will eventually coalesce into plaques and are covered with scales;
  • feeling chronic fatigue;
  • epidermal itching;
  • depression.

Ways of dealing with skin disease at the initial and advanced stages

Doctors suggest various ways of dealing with psoriasis.

Traditional methods can help to stop the symptoms of exacerbations at an early stage.

For the treatment of psoriasis using ointments, creams, solutions made from natural components.

Additionally performed special diet.

Good effect, in the opinion of many patients, gives yoga, mantras and runes. People who believe in magic, recite incantations for a month for treatment.

The benefits of treatment of psoriasis at home folk remedies

Iodine with Medem

There are many alternative therapies that are used for getting rid of psoriatic plaques. Not all of them are effective.

The use of proven and effective folk remedies has advantages:

  • Since the composition of natural, Allergy to components occurs rarely.
  • No adverse effects on internal organs.
  • A minimum list of contraindications.
  • Stimulate the body to fight disease.
  • Budget treatment option.
  • The opportunity for prophylactic purposes.

How to treat psoriasis on the body: alternative medicine

For the treatment of depriving flake, there are different methods of alternative medicine. Frequently used compounds based on natural products. For example, help birch tar, ashes, kerosene, brewer's yeast, soda and hydrogen peroxide, a mixture of Shevchenko, egg lotions, alum. Good effect gives the use of dead and living, silver water. Experts recommend osteopathy, urinotherapy, mesotherapy, overlay occlusive dressings, cedar barrel.

Birch tar

In its pure form is applied to the plaque. After 10-20 minutes, the tar is washed off under running warm water. Then the skin is wiped with clean towel and put indifferent ointment. If the treatment of the scalp, while extracts of tar is reduced by 5 minutes. The procedure is done twice a day.


Apply on the affected skin in a pure form.

To achieve a pronounced therapeutic effect it is recommended to mix kerosene with hazelnut extract.

For this green walnuts, pour kerosene and insist month.

The composition provides a wound healing.

Is used in different types of dermatitis.

Hydrogen peroxide and soda


Doctors are advised to treat psoriasis is this: take a bath with baking soda to soften the plaques and then treat the affected areas of the dermis with hydrogen peroxide. The procedure is carried out twice a day. The method reduces inflammation, itching, improves the separation of scales.

Brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast help to activate metabolic processes, and improve the patient's condition. Take them twice a day for 35 minutes before eating. The dosage for adult is 1 dining room, for children 1 teaspoon.


For preparing ointments, take 25 g of ash of wild rose and oak, egg albumen, 10 g of celandine and 100 g solidol. All the ingredients are mixed and infused at room temperature for a couple of weeks. Tool brush the plaque on a daily basis.


Have the form of a white powder, which is obtained by acting on like cheese in butter-acidic aluminum-potassium alum at high temperature. The product is used as powder. It helps to relieve inflammation, dry wound to stop the bleeding. It is used in psoriasis, eczema, trophic ulcers, dermatitis, shingles.

Lotions with egg

Raw egg together with a tablespoon of vinegar and melted butter.

The ingredients are mixed and put in the stock cooler for a week.

After the infusion mixture is applied to affected area 6 times per day.

Mixture Shevchenko

To connect 30-40 ml of sunflower oil with the same amount of vodka. Close the container and shake intensely for 5 minutes. Drink the mixture at once.

Living and dead water

For the treatment of depriving flake of dead and living water apply the method lotions. First, the skin is washed with soap and steamed hot compress. Next, moisten the dead water. After 15 minutes, plaque pour living water. The next 5 days using only the water of life. The procedure is repeated up to 8 times a day.

Silver water

In the water dip silver and leave for a day. Then take a bath with silver infusion. Sometimes add silicon. The duration is an hour. After a bath, gently clean the skin of the pollen of the fungus-slicker and wash off after 1, 5 hours. Procedures should be performed daily for 10 days.

Lotions with egg

There are other ways of treatment of depriving flake. For example, urinotherapy is a method of treatment of urine. Do not use drugstore medications. On the day you need to drink 300-400 ml of liquid. Do it after Breakfast and dinner.

Good effect gives osteopathy – chiropractic effects on the body. Helps in the treatment of scaly lichen, psoriatic arthritis.

Specialist uses visceral, myofascial, lymph drainage techniques. Procedure to cleanse the body, improve the nutrition of the dermis and normalize the functioning of the ligaments and internal organs.

The essence of mesotherapy is the introduction of psoriatic plaques drugs. After two cycles achieved sustained remission. Good effect on the skin cedar barrel: a combination of steam and healing herbs, cleanses and heals, builds the bodies. Actively use and occlusive dressings. The point is that on the affected skin to apply the ointment and gauze is applied on top of the segment with cellophane.

The most effective grandmother's recipes, which psoriasis are afraid of fire

Not all folk remedies help in the treatment of psoriasis. Preference should be given to proven methods that have good reviews.

Most effective recipes:

  • Chatterbox. Celandine is connected with horse sorrel. Added tar. All mixed and applied on the psoriatic plaques.
  • Vaseline. Lubricate twice a day on the affected areas of the skin.
  • Goose fat. Three tablespoons of fat mixed with a tablespoon of the crushed root of saponaria. Grease composition of the plaque every day.
  • Butter. Mix hot melted butter (100g) with chopped propolis (5 g). Insist, filter and applied to the affected area.
  • Sea salt. Used for baths and compresses.
  • Vinegar. Mix the vinegar with water in proportion 1 to 3. Dipped in a solution of cloth and applied to the plaque for a moment.
  • Iodine, brilliant green. Tincture on alcohol is treated with the affected area of the skin. The tool removes inflammation, dries.
  • The burdock root. Crushed 20 grams of rhizome and pour two cups of boiling water. Insist hour and take several times a day after eating.
  • Bay leaf. 30 g of crushed dry Bay leaves and pour a glass of sunflower oil. Insist week and filter. Rubbed twice a day psoriatic plaques.

Helps and conspiracy for a month. You need to take a raw egg, break it into a bowl and say:

"Three monks walk across a wide field and carrying three chairs. One seat for ward, the second for the monastery, the third for me. Psoriasis will go into a protein, will be the patient and I, servant of God (name), eat the yolk and be healthy. Monk a protein refers to the wild beasts. Disease me won't come back. Amen."

Than to smear psoriatic plaques on the hands and feet

Manual impact on the body

To remove plaque in the legs and arms, use a special ointment. Folk doctors recommend to treat the leather with on the basis of egg yolks. You need to boil the eggs, yolk, chop, fry them in a pan to release oils. Drain, cool and lubricate the dermis. Helps ointment of 50 g of sulfur, 25 g of celandine, 150 g of lard, 25 g of birch tar and 50 g of copper sulfate. The ingredients are mixed, boiled for 15 minutes on low heat. Cold remedy smear psoriatic plaques.

A diet that helps to stop the progression of the disease

Experts advise patients to follow the diet Pegano. Its essence is to normalize the acid-alkaline balance by eating certain foods. Are allowed to eat vegetables, sea fish, cheese, grains, fruits, chicken.

Proper nutrition normalizes metabolism, the digestive tract, strengthens the immune system. To prevent the disease from spreading, you need to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.

Greek, Crimean balsam and other drugs plant-based

Doctors recommend the use of the Crimean and Greek salves in psoriasis. They are sold in drugstores, online stores. Crimean balm contains naphthalene mixture, trace elements. Helps with light and moderate pathology. Applied twice a day.

Greek balsam is used for relief of acute relapses. In its composition, propolis, pine resin, pollen and other natural components. Applied to the skin twice a day. Half an hour after the skin treatment it is recommended to take a bath with tar. The course of treatment – 3 weeks.

Secrets of Tibetan medicine to help you quickly get rid of the disease

Tibetan medicine considers psoriasis as a result of disturbed balance of the three systems that govern the body: bile, wind and mucus. Bile is responsible for digestive, the wind with a nervous, the slime – for the lymphatic and endocrine system. Balance is restored by complex effects on the body:

  • acupuncture;
  • phyto-treatment;
  • point massage;
  • vacuum therapy.

Kalmyk yoga and checked the runes

Kalmyk yoga involves the use of exercise wise. Each rune symbolizes the life force and helps to overcome the disease.

Checked runes:

  • Eyvaz. Raise the arms and bring the weight on the right foot. Breathe and imagine how the body penetrates the earth's energy.
  • Dagaz. To sit down and rest hands in lap. Focus on the sense of time.

Is it possible to cure the pathology forever

To completely get rid of scaly lichen is impossible. Folk technique, physiotherapy and yoga help to put the disease into long-term remission. For the successful treatment of these methods should be applied first, to the aggravation of the disease.

Patient testimonials about successful and unsuccessful at home therapy

Patient feedback about the use of folk methods of treatment of psoriasis at home for the most part positive. Well ill speak about the ointment based on propolis, tar.

With regard to orders for a month, urinotherapy and runes, here the reviews are mixed. Some complain that using these methods, the disease worsened and had to be treated medically. Doctors advise to avoid a negative result to coordinate all actions with the expert and not attempt to defeat the disease in the acute phase and its complications magical rituals, popular recipes of dubious validity.

Thus, the treatment of psoriasis folk remedies should be carried out after consultation with the doctor. In some cases pharmaceutical drugs can not do. Grass, of moods and yoga are only part of a complex therapy.